A guide to SSL Certificates: Why your website needs one.

SSL Certificates SSL Certificates are important for securing connections between your existing or future clients, and your business websites!   But what is SSL all about actually? Well, SSL or more commonly called TLS nowadays, is a protocol for encrypting Internet traffic and verifying server identity, containing the website’s public key and the website’s identity, along with related information. Any website with an HTTPS web address usesSSL/TLS. This means that your business is secure and overall gains confidentiality, integrity and authenticity over your connections.   Why do we need an SSL certificate? The......

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Combating Cyber Security in the Covid-19 Era

Cyber Security this year has take a toll on business’s. Cyber criminals have grasped the pandemic, looking for new opportunities surrounding Covid-19 for their own gain, providing business’s with new threats everyday. This forces them to rethink their entire cyber security approach accordingly, in order to protect their business and employees. The disruption of this pandemic has caused business’s to fight their way through security and business continuity. Cyber attackers have been phishing the web for decades in order to find the most up-to-date topics that people are interested in, in order to......

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Offshore Hosting | Escape “Big Data” and “Web 2.0”

Offshore Hosting With the large increase in online businesses and websites, the web hosting business is also on the rise. Websites, software, and even big companies and organizations tend to use web hosting to store their data and to make the business operations more smooth. But there are so many different types of hosting services, that are catered to different hosting needs. Just some of these include Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server hosting, and Offshore hosting as well. In this article we will focus on Offshore Hosting. What is Offshore Hosting? In......

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