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George Sarris


Creative and strategic thinking IT executive with demonstrated experience in iGaming companies since 2010 in Cyprus, Malta and UK.

Expertise covers the following areas:

– Managing DataCenters
– Lead NOC teams
– Engineering of High-Scale Systems
– System Architecture
– Drafting of Technical & Software Documentations as per ISO 27001
– Startups

The Company

HostingB2B is an enterprise hosting provider, which offers high end solutions for Gaming and Betting companies worldwide.

As well as that, focuses on its highly trained and expert staff, with both hosting solutions and Managed Services.

Our philosophy is to invest in our people with constant training and labs on every interesting open-source project in order to be able to contribute to our community.

Throughout these 12 years of experience in large enterprise networks and infrastructure, I have come to the conclusion that spending thousands on Licence fees will not improve further productivity or uptime as a matter of fact, the only outcome is that it will put the whole IT Budget in criticism from the Management whenever there is a cut off.






Global Network

Internet Redundancy

For the internet we have provided 2 feeds from cross connect ISP with guaranteed uptime 99.93% on each feed.


For routing-firewalling we have chosen to go with pfsense  based on FreeBSD  and its famous CARP setup which provides high availability cluster on each feed.

We have chosen to have dedicated – bare metal servers for this setup with a local network of 10G for Fast Internal speeds in our Private vLANS.

Load Balancers

Load balancing solution by haproxy

It will provide us with a fully alternatively customisable load balancing solution, especially adding multiple nodes for each service.

Simple first row defense against DDOS attacks and with protection against TCP Syn flood attacks and slowloris attacks.

Enabling SSL offloading reducing traffic on the webservers and in the rest of the infrastructure.

Create ACL(Access control List) for each subdomain or specific path – URL with diverting traffic to specific loadbalancer group of servers.

Acronis Security


For our application server we again used (Ubuntu OS) along with the famous (Node.js), where we built our (Javascript). Scalable network application with asynchronous runtime.

To take the full advantage of what Node.js had to offer, we were able to share child processes and our server cores creating a load balancing.


Using Ubuntu OS we have installed the Famous MySQL to create InnoDB Cluster for High Availability between our nodes.

Furthermore Maximum high availability to ensure real-time replication we have created a group with 1(One) R/W (Read&Write) and 2 R/0 (Read/Only) using the AdminAPI.

With the Built-in failover the AdminAPI automatically promotes secondary server if the primary server fails.

Web Servers

For our Webservers we have installed Ubuntu OS and from there on created an Nginx node with multiple nodes (balancers) so that we are able to handle the web requests to our platform servers.

Modifications in Nginx fine tuning preventing Layer7/HTTP DDOS attack by limiting the number of connections, therefore closing slow connections or the rate of requests.

Game Servers

For our Game servers we used Ubuntu OS  and following that we installed the Famous Apache Tomcat (https://tomcat.apache.org/) to be able to power our Large-scale, mission critical web applications (Our Games)

However we have configured for each of our Game a Tomcat cluster for Load Balancing and Load Distribution behind the Game.

With the famous Catalina (Servlet Container), Coyote(Http Connector) and Jasper (JSP engine) we were able to power up for our Java written application (Our Games).


For our monitoring system we have set up an “offsite” server, the famous Nagios Project (https://www.nagios.org/)

In such a business critical application is important so that we are one step ahead and therefore able to take actions against future threats, with real time monitoring of our servers and applications.

With Nagios we were able to monitor our infrastructure in realtime using Network-Server-Application monitoring with specific services within your infrastructure.


Summarizing, Despite all of this information, lack of expertise in these open-source systems can be very dangerous, so i suggest that you follow this simple procedure:

Start spending time reading and building your own lab for all these systems

Train your team so that they are capable of handling this type of infrastructure.


Hosting Solutions with industry specific approach for iGaming/Betting, E-Commerce, Forex-Fintech, Blockchain. Full trunkey solutions ideal for Startups or business who have limited technical resources. Ask clarification TODAY


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