Cyprus – A Growing Tech Hub within the EU

Cyprus as the ideal tech hub to kick-start your business Cyprus is now perceived as an ideal tech hub for a company to successfully kick-start its business. The evolution from the holiday destination to a modern entrepreneurial hub ensued gradually, with the rise of several defining industries. Therefore, it is set out to see great investments in innovation and tech development. Hence why, for a long time now, Cyprus has been the base to a growing number of international companies. The tech island At the beginning of this year, more than 100 tech......

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How to improve your Latency with Local Hosting for your IOT Project.

Cyprus as the ideal tech hub to kick-start your business My name is George Loizidies working in Network Operations Center, enthusiastic about developing code for IoT projects that will simplify our various habits in the world of digital transformation. Choose a Local Hosting that covers the requirements of your IoT project The 1990”s internet revolution brought us upon a lot of changes affecting various habits. Entrepreneurship and areas of daily life in a city where digital transformation is part of it’s plans. The purpose is the reduction of human errors and manual labor, the......

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